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something for the weekend

We interrupt our quasi-regularly-scheduled programme of The Baking School Chronicles (limited) Series 1 with a sudden urge for a Birthday Bake.

Well, Chef did say to start practicing.

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what the fudge

It’s a mark of sibling love and snark–my brother gave me a 2.5 kg giant tub of Crisco for my birthday today.

Look at that mother. I’ve never seen that much concentrated lard in my life, and I’ve been to a lechon smorgasbord.

Anyway. Day 6 was Chocolate Day. On the menu was fudge brownies, chocolate pistachio madeleines, and a ridiculously decadent chocolate peanut butter pie.

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c is for cookie, that’s good enough for me


Not to get too cocky, but these are pretty much in my wheelhouse. Most people, when they start to bake, start with cookies because they’re pretty easy to prep for and make and you don’t have to worry too much about overbeating cookie dough.

So we were making 4 types today: peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, and orange-infused biscotti. More on that last one later.

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the moar you know

maybe it’s the hunger talking

I fell into bed at 8 pm last night and am now distressingly awake at 4 am. I’m normally gnawingly hungry when this happens, but when I don’t act upon it immediately, I start having weird thoughts.

I’m having one now. Oxygen, I recall vaguely from the mists of time and moldy science classrooms, is technically toxic. However, we use it to breathe (and thus, to live), so it shouldn’t be toxic to us.

What if it really is toxic, but it just takes 70+ years to kill you? Rusting your insides, or setting them verrry slowly on fire?

And then Google The Great Oxygenation Event.

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getting the hang of things; or, the one where I spoke too soon

It’s been a weird few days for me–family issues–but now I finally have enough time to hunker down and chronicle Days 3 and 4 of baking class.

Days 3 and 4 of baking school and I’ve found that I was quickly getting the hang of how things worked around the place. It helped a lot that I was coming into class a full hour before it would start and, while the previous class was cleaning up the kitchen, finding myself a quiet corner and setting up my mise en place for the day. We normally work through an average of three recipes a day, so I was going through mise bowls faster than the dishwashers could finish them.

I was certainly faster at assembling my mise than Macy, who spent most of her time verrrrry slowly measuring her ingredients and running through every single measurement with Chef. Chef, to her credit, patiently answered every one of her questions, but I must confess to being irked at Macy’s general forgetfulness (sometimes within minutes of having her questions answered very thoroughly, sometimes twice) a few times. She may be older than I am, but I peg her at early sixties, at the most. She looks like she’s in her forties, though, which speaks to a rather high-end lifestyle of yoga and zumba. She’s very much a Lady Who Lunches.

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mental health break

I’ve been remiss, things have been Going On for the past few days, I have a backlog of baking pictures, but right now I badly need a round of Eldritch Horror with my closest friends.

I am dying here!

ETA: Really really terrible luck at rolling the dice. At one point I was a hungry, terrified, paranoid amnesiac with a bad leg and indebted to the forces of darkness. Good thing we defeated Shudde M’ell before I went insane, again.